Good and Evil?

When asked recently about the concepts of good and evil I had to pause for a moment. What is good and what is evil? Do these things actually exist or are they a product of sentient beings trying to make sense of a world they did not understand? After some careful deliberation, I concluded that notions of good and evil are not real. Meaning they have no place in reality but do have a place in the illusion that humans have created for themselves. You see many, many, moons ago humans were weak primates afraid of most everything. Nothing scared these early humans more than the night, it was dark, predators could snatch them and since they had weak eyesight they could do little to defend themselves. The sun brought relief, security, and so too would fire, just like today’s modern computer screens. The light was seen as good because it allowed humans to see their enemies, avoid creatures that fed upon them and allowed them to hunt animals that they wanted to feed on. This is the origin of seeing the world and the universe in a dualistic way. The truth is duality doesn’t exist and everything happens as it happens without judgment.

One thing to keep in mind is that whenever you are asked by someone a question about good and evil it is being asked because those that pose the question usually believe that good and evil are concrete, universal. This has never been the case. We find when we travel around the globe that many people do things that we in the Western world would deem evil. Just as we do many things that they would deem evil though we deem it good. This is also true when studying the past, societies that have gone on before us have had all kind of concepts as to what was good and what was evil. In some societies killing infant girls in order to have a baby boy to carry on the lineage was considered good. In some parts of the globe, this is still the case. Since the beginnings of Sumeria right up until the American Civil war it was considered good to have slaves. We now consider that to be an evil, even though we do little to stop modern day slavery from happening in other parts of the globe. I’m sure in a few hundred years from today many aspects of our life that we consider good will be deemed evil. This is the truth, so how then can good and evil be considered concrete? There are places were cannibalism is good, though most of us in the civilized world would condemn and do condemn the practice. This is why the study of good and evil is useless because there is no clear cut version that all people, all places, and all times agree on one hundred percent.

When we look towards the Universe we find that it is constantly creating and destroying, being birthed and dying, all at the same time. Is the death and destruction of evil? Are the creation and birthing good? We may have an opinion but in reality, it is neither good or bad, right or wrong it simply is. It must destroy in order to be born and it must be brought forth so it can be destroyed. This is how the Universe stays in motion allowing life to flourish throughout its vast amazement. The Universe is a living IT always growing always dying, everything within It has cycles of birth and death. Even disasters serve a purpose. Though we don’t think of the Universe as being alive what else would you call it? When it finally does die all of creation will cease, as we are alive so too is IT alive. Nothing just happens, destruction brings forth something new.

The events that happen on earth is a little example of what happens throughout the Universe, things are born and things die. So it is with humans if humans never had war, never had the disease, never had disasters befall on them, think how many more people would be alive? Murder is a way of culling the herd which nature always does. It is not wrong for the lion to kill the zebra because that’s what lions do when deer get too populated hunters to go and kill the deer until their numbers have thinned. If the hunters don’t do this then the deer will eat too much and they will starve and die. Starvation, a disease is how the earth culls those that live on it.

Everything happens as it happens simply because it happens. It has to happen for life to prevail. The earth, the universe, every star, species, atom, must move along its course for the whole puzzle to fit together. We as sentient beings have a hard time understanding this because we programmed ourselves to think in terms of good vs. bad, light vs. darkness, right vs. wrong, when in reality everything is all One, happening to sustain the whole. The problem being we can’t see the whole, we can’t understand what is going on and that drives humanity crazy because humanity believes it should know everything. We think that our rules are actually rules when in reality they are not, they are merely ideas that humans invented in order for them to make sense of what they saw and felt. Just look at a map, you’ll see a line for the equator, you’ll see lines for longitude and lines for latitude, but these lines don’t exist in the real world. You don’t look up at the sky and see lines wherever you go. No, but they are a method that humans made up for themselves so that they can find an order that they understand.

We do the same with stars and planets, we name them, draw lines where their orbits go, but the names and lines don’t actually exist at all. They are just figments of humanities overactive imagination to impose its own will or ideas onto the Universe. If it brings comfort to the humans so be it, but the universe does not care what you call it because it simply is. Neither good nor evil yet birth and death happen all the time. Disasters are happening every second out there in the vastness. Just like murder, wars, fights, happen down here.

The key humanity has to or should hold onto is to simply be. The Universe is not good, it’s not evil it simply is and because it is we are here. We too are the universe we just haven’t woken up to that yet. Humanity needs to simply be, to neither embrace nor push away, simply be, then the Universe will unfold within as it continually unfolds all around creation.

So, in the end, what is good and evil? Nothing more than conjecture that humans invented, it is as far as I can tell a product of being sentient.

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