Two Americas

In watching the protest playout for the past sixteen days it occurs to me that there are many different sides to the United States. Just as people could barely come together to resolve the pandemic that is ever on the rise neither can they come together to aid one another in any sort of crisis! This protest movement has highlighted the fractures that exist within the American society. Not only does the United States have a fractured political system but the people who make up the society are just as fractured. Not only are the American people divided by race but they are divided by class. These deep divisions are allowing those that wish to create a totalitarian system full access to everyday life. On the surface, they appear to fight the enemies of the power and vow to create a better world. They infiltrate movements that would have been beneficial and twist them into radical movements that serve no grand purpose but to enslave the populace. 

One of the hallmarks of these nefarious groups is to destroy the foundations of the host country. They point out legitimate flaws that could have easy solution but make these solutions appear insurmountable and blame the majority for the plights of the minority. They start educational programs that only teach partial truths as whole truths. They create worse living conditions for the lower classes while saying these conditions are the natural product of the host society. They pass out pamphlets that are vague enough not to raise suspicion but tactful enough to spread disinformation. They claim to fight fascism, racism, and every other ism by using the very tactics employed by the very people they are saying they are against.  When these groups and individuals are confronted about this hypocrisy they either deny it or simply refuse to talk about it. They will skirt the issue by constantly pushing the plight of the people they claim to be helping. Even when said people never asked and as many videos of the current protests in the United States are clearly begging them to stop. 

These groups also uphold a policy of intolerance as tolerance meaning anything (science, history, people) that doesn’t agree with their point of view, their agenda is completely ridiculed. They do everything they can to try to shut down any view that is different than the narrative they push. One of the tactics is through shaming, calling people racist (who may not be), becoming physically violent, or any other tactic they can muster. Even killing is not out of the question for these individuals and organizations. They don’t care about facts they only care about the narrative. The narrative that has been denounced time and time again by those who know what is going on. The tactics that these supposed revolutionaries use is no different than the fascist and nazis they claim to hate. 

The justified protestors are now being lumped in with a movement that is violent and is working to undo the progress the protesters wish to make. Police reforms need to be addressed and an educational program needs to be adopted. Just like the class system that is so evident in the United States needs to be addressed. Yes, even race issues need to be addressed since race in the United States has been and continues to be a stumbling block to inhibit all progress. These issues need to be confronted, highlighted, and even done away with. This cannot be done with the use of violence. Violence will always create more violence and no matter how justified people and organizations may feel they never gain anything. Violence is the main reason why the United States is hated around the globe. If you are American of any background you are hated because of the world wide violence that the government of the United States has inflicted. To use violence in any capacity is only replacing one fractured system with another. 

It has always been the elite that has always latched onto legitimate movements that pose real change. They do this in order to secure their own power. They have done it in the past and they are doing it once again. They are working tirelessly against the real cause of these protesters in order to supplant stability and usher in a period of chaos. When this chaos ensues they will act as if they are the golden ones with the grand idea and will bring peace. This will be possible because the operatives that have infiltrated this movement, as well as others will sway the masses into thinking that what is happening is organic. They will hide their premeditations silent until they have become secure. Those that threatening them will be eliminated. They will then lay out the sins of the past and offer a solution of complete obedience to them. Instead of giving you petty freedoms as before they will give you totalitarianism. These so-called revolutionaries will not give you a better world they will give you nothing but a completely controlled life. 

Beware of the wolves in sheep clothing. They are infiltrating and orchestrating the move from Republic to Despotism. They are doing this and have been doing this for a very long time.

The answers to the problems of race, class, sexism, and the host of other problems which are human problems will not be sorted through the use of violence. These issues will not be solved by radicals extremism be it left-wing or right-wing but rather the center. It is only by staying centered can both aspects of the United States and the world address all the problems that exist. In the middle all solutions are possible, all virtuous avenues can be tried and tested. A centrist approach will change the world not with an abrupt violent revolution with a dubious outcome but with a slow transition. Within a few short years, the entire world could be fed, violent free, and have no problems which humans created for themselves. These losses and gains will be possible because they are axiomatic that denial will be an impossibility. If we continue on the course of weapons, violence, then we humans will be constantly indebted to destruction forever. Real change, lasting change, comes from the heart not the gun.

©Lincoln, 2020

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