Shame: The State of America

It is a shame that the United States has become so polarized over these past four years. People cannot even have opposing views without demonizing, name-calling, and fighting. People cannot even disagree without cutting their friends, husbands, wives, and family members out of their lives. As a country, we should take a long hard look at what we have become. We must ask ourselves, are we heading in the right direction? Or are we witnessing the splintering of this nation? 

Both major political parties are dividing themselves between moderates and extremists. So too is the nation. Facts for many don’t exist or are only used when it suits them. Many people make wild accusations, claims without researching the topic that they are so ready to espouse. All too often, I have heard “you should just know” or “I’m not a dictionary” or ” it’s my truth.”  This evasion of doing one’s duty, of having a civilized debate is becoming normalized. If this continues then, society itself will crumble faster than previously calculated. 

Anger is seething underneath the American skin. Anger at injustice, at history, at leaders, and worst of all at self. An ever-increasing number of Americans seem to have a self-hatred unparalleled in recent history. A good number of Americans want to destroy the very country they live in because, deep down, they want to commit suicide. 

Celebrities, politicians, and social workers are fueling this hatred. The question must be asked: To what end? Why would these peoples do such a thing? What is their end goal? The destruction of the United States to form something new? One can only speculate. 

It is time that the people of the United States put aside their differences. Not because they are told to by a politician. The populace should unite because that is the true power of this country. The people of this nation must find common ground. They must acknowledge that they will not always agree they can have discussions, open friendly debate, to find a mutual solution.

There is still hope in the darkness. Soon the dawn will appear the light of truth, justice, and fraternity will bathe this land. Will the people of that land be able to stand in its light or hide in the shadows? The fate of this country is still being written. 

Out of many comes one, as one there is victory.

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