Yesterday & Today: A Statement For The Moment

Violence in all its forms should be and must be condemned. Whether it is at the Capitol Building or ripping across this nation for 200 days. Unfortunately, many people do not agree with that assertion. Too many people believe that the side they support has the right to cause havoc while the other side does not. During the Summer the people of the United States saw the looting and burning of buildings without any condemnation from the Democratic party. Not only did they not condemn it but they cheered it, clapped for it, and encouraged it time and time again. By doing so they have revealed their true nature. They do not care about the United States, they only care about their ideology.

The violence that took place yesterday in D.C. has been condemned and should be condemned by the Republican party. Those who do not condemn such acts are doing the same thing as the Democratic party placing ideology above the needs of the people of the United States.

It is with even greater disgust that the people of the United States themselves have fallen for the game. They too cheer for a side and only applaud when their side has a perceived victory. Yet, when the other side does the same or similar action they call foul, they call for treason, and any other wild accusation they can dream up. It is a most dangerous game that is being played. Dangerous because whenever people adopt a tribal mentality, whenever people see other citizens as enemy combatants history shows us that genocide and collapse await. If the American people insist on playing this deranged game. If they insist on being led by mediocre leaders that cannot steer the country away from danger then the fate of this country will be on your consciousness.

In my lifetime, I have never seen Americans so willing to destroy the lives of other Americans. I have never seen such extreme behaviors of leftist and rightist ideology in the common tongue. Nor have I ever seen the American people embrace an ideology so single-mindedly that they couldn’t hear the other point of view. Now that’s all I see, that all I hear, people placing ideology above and beyond the betterment of their fellow citizens.

The most disturbing reality is the wholehearted self-righteousness that comes from every individual. So sure of themselves that they are unable to see the flaws in their worldview. Flaws that nearly 30 years ago would have been obvious and avoided are now fully embraced. The error of the time is that no one is willing to admit that they can ever be wrong.

It appears that the biggest crime a person can commit is listening to both sides, understanding both sides, and finding the middle ground. If such a middle exists. If no middle ground exists then those ideas should no longer be fancied and should return to the darkness from which they emerged.

Now, what of healing? What of Unity? Surely a place exists for these? Unity and healing cannot come for political gain. It cannot come to show the civility of one side and the barbarity of the other side. It must come from a genuine move by the people to see their fellow citizens as having worth. Healing comes through listening to differing points of view, understanding the other side, making compromises, while also seeing the validity in those you disagree with. Healing and Unity are not words that can be uttered but actions that must be taken.

There is no doubt in my mind that people can achieve harmony again. It will not be easy: it can be achieved. Only if the American people want it. As always, the decision rests in the hands of every citizen, not in the hands of politicians. In this case, the citizens must show the leaders how it’s done.

Violence must be condemned unilaterally, regardless of excuse. Double standards must be vanquished. American people must see one another as a human once again

May the God you worship bless this Republic. 

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