Justifiable Violence?

It has come to my attention that some people believe in justifiable violence. We must ask ourselves: what is this peculiar notion? Justifiable violence is the notion that some acts of brutality are desirable. It is a way of making yourself comfortable with horrendous acts of violence. It is the reasoning of dictators, tyrants, and sycophants the world over. Did not Hitler, Stalin, Sheikh Hasina, Suharto, and many others of their ilk justify the violence they committed? Does not America justify many of its savageries towards other nations?

Do you think that those placed in work camps, concentration camps, targeted by the secret police, tortured, believed it was justifiable? If so, I would like to hear it or read it. 

What of riots? Can’t such disturbances can be justifiable? To lawlessness, I say no. Looting, burning buildings, beating, stabbing, and shooting individuals, destroying people’s livelihoods are of the same tyrannical ilk as previously mentioned. Only misguided mini dictators would join such disgraceful actions. What gives people the right to cause such destruction and loss of life? No one and nothing grants a crowd such power.

A society that condones the use of extreme aggression is a society doomed to fail.  No lasting peace or positive change can come from bloodshed, no matter the self-serving justification. Only change without force can achieve the long-held dream that humanity will one day create a kingdom of heaven on earth.

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