Julian the Great

O Great Light,
that shined in a dark moment.

He who left the,
ways of secrecy to,
embrace the ancient ways of,
the beloved ancestors.

He who tried to,
push out insanity to,
restore our ancient glory to,
undue what the evil ones did.

He brought to life,
the abandoned temples so,
people could praise the Gods,
and live in harmony again.

He tried to lift up,
the lost Jewish people so,
they could gather together,
praising the God of their ancestors.

Too soon was he snuffed out,
a candle in heavy, raging, wind.

His absence left us defenseless,
the darkness ushered in.

Now we must gather together,
as a people,
a movement,
a great army,
picking up the flame,
lighting the hearts of every human.

To our original ways we,
must return.

Hail Julian the Philosopher!
Hail Julian the Great!
Our inspiration to,
what was abandoned. 

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